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iQO explorer a product originally offered through Curvo Labs is desgined to facilitate benchmarking, contract bid management, and results monitoring. Based on the extensive benchmarks obtained from Curvo Lab's participating hospitals and augmented with data provided by Orthopedic Network News through the Orthopedic Research Network, it offers unparalleled benchmarks for different categories of supply chain spend. For more information, click here



Orthopedic Network News (ONN)
Orthopedic Network News has been in publication since 1991, edited and published by Stan Mendenhall, president of Mendenhall Associates, Inc. The publication deals with cost and quality issues in orthopedics, with a focus on provider-oriented economics. This includes analysis and trends in payments to providers and costs of medical devices. The source of this data is the Orthopedic Research Network (ORN), a self-selected group of hospitals that contribute data to the newsletter. In 2010, there were over 160 hospitals with over 100,000 cases whose data was included in ONN publications. The publication is often cited in the professional and popular press including the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, OR Manager, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

The newsletter appears four times a year with a repeating focus each year:

      First Quarter:           Extremity implants (shoulders, elbows, digits, wrists)
      Second Quarter:     Trauma
      Third Quarter:          Hip and knee replacements
      Fourth Quarter:       Spinal procedures, bone cement and biologics.

The newsletter can be delivered both electronically and by hard copy.


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The Find-a-part service was developed in conjunction with the newsletter. We found that it was impossible to publish all of the parts from manufacturers and the price changes, so we moved it online about 10 years ago. The service now accesses a database of about 450,000 parts and reports list price history, selling price history, classification, and occasionally pictures and illustrations. The database is updated at least once a month from manufacturer price lists, user requests for adding new parts, and sources. Access is provided by part number, product line, or advanced search.


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www.ImplantData.com (IDA)
IDA is a service for hospitals who are trying to manage their orthopedic programs on a daily or monthly basis. A web-based service, IDA supports hourly, daily, monthly, or annual submissions. The three different levels of participation are:


  1. Monthly/quarter/annual submissions: Hospitals submit a spreadsheet of their usage by account number and date. They receive all of the parts classified according to the GIC classification, price reference information, and case construct classification.

  3. Daily submission: Described as Direct-Data-Input (DDI), hospital supply coordinators typically enter case information through this service. The system validates the case (e.g. missing femoral head, wasted stem), calculates a case construct, and provides ongoing data for analysis. Many hospitals have in-house purchasing or OR systems that data is typically interfaced with on a custom basis.

  5. Daily submissions with contract/purchasing interface:This basically includes option #2 above plus contract maintenance, contract price maintenance, purchase order generation, invoice processing, and charge voucher generation. 

The typical customer of IDA is an IDN (Integrated Delivery Network) who has P&L responsibilities for orthopedic supplies.


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Manufacturer/Financial Services
There are three web sites devoted specifically to the suppliers that sell or products for the recon (hip, knee, extremity implants), spine (pedicle screws, interbody fusions devices, cervical plates, and biologics), and trauma (internal and external fixation devices, stimulators) segments.

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GIC Classification
All components in the ONN database are classified according to the GIC classification. The classification is applied to implants for joints, spine, trauma, sports medicine, and a few other products. Many of the specific GIC codes have been subclassified in order to accommodate the changing technology of orthopedics. The complete classification and subclassification is available to subscribers.